River Teifi Fishing Mid Wales

River Teifi Fishing Mid Wales

Teifi River Fishing Holiday in Mid Wales

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Sea Trout Fishing

Each year the River Teifi produces a few sewin of between 12 and 15 pounds. These leviathans are usually caught in April and May, but you can connect with a monster sea trout at any time, so don’t fish too fine. The main run of fish – typically between a pound and five pounds in weight – enter the river between June and August, with a few larger fish joining the autumn salmon shoals as the season draws to a close in mid October.

Following a spate, spinning and bait fishing are productive through the day. But, once the river settles to its normal summer level, it is time for the serious business of fly-fishing. The best times are about an hour before dusk until midnight, although if you have the stamina some big fish are taken each season by the all night fly fishers.

Clarach Bay Beach

River Teifi is just one hour’s drive from Clarach Bay

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Clarach Bay seafront

Clarach beach has been awarded the Marine Conservation highest award for water quality and is a popular site for fishing. It also has the coveted Green Coast Award The Green Coast Award for rural beaches is designed to recognize those beaches with European Blue Flag water quality whose management reflects their rural, unspoilt nature. The criteria are intended to ensure that such beaches can receive recognition without the need for inappropriate development which would spoil their natural beauty and risk damage to wildlife.

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The Shire Mill.

Clarach Bay Chalet Hire


 Fishing at Teifi River near Aberystwyth

Trout Fishing

The best times for trout fishing are mid March to late June and mid August until the season closes at the end of September. Nymph fishing in the pools and glides is effective during the mornings, but once the hatches start, the dry fly is great fun and very productive. But move stealthily, for these wild trout are easily spooked and rarely allow you a second chance if you startle them with a sudden move or clumsy cast.


Tackle for sea trout

A fly rod of around nine to ten feet matched to an AFTMA No.7 floating line, and an eight pound level nylon leader are ideal – however, a lighter river trout fishing outfit will manage the smaller summer fish without too much trouble.

For spinning, the quill minnow is a superb lure for sewin. Mepps and spoons will also tempt fish, particularly when the water is coloured.


Salmon Fishing

The RiverTeifi still gets a reasonable spring run of salmon most years. Late March to the end of May are the best months for those seeking a silver springer. Fish between 20 and 30 pounds are not unheard of, even nowadays, and in the not too distant past we have had springers approaching 40 pounds – a test for both the angler and the tackle. Bait fishing and spinning with a weighted Devon or an Irish minnow account for many spring fish, but with the advent of fast sinking leaders more anglers are finding spring sport with flyfishing tackle.

The summer grilse run is most unpredictable. Some years grilse are up in good numbers in August, but in dry summers they hold back until mid September when the main autumn run of large salmon ascend the river.


Salmon tackle

Local anglers rarely use a double handed rod, as a powerful Still water trout rod will usually cope with salmon on the River Teifi unless the river is running very high.

For spring and autumn fishing, 15 pound nylon is advisable, while in summer it is possible to fish a little finer; but 10 pounds is a sensible minimum.