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Clarach Bay Aberystwyth Wales Credit Crunch Holiday

Credit Crunch Holiday - Try a Caravan Holiday on the Welsh Coat

Author: Jackie Wiles

Well the credit crunch is here and we all need to cut back on life’s little luxuries. So Holidays are one of the areas where we can all cut back. For those of you who usually travel abroad you have two choices this year no holiday, or a cheap holiday in the UK.

Where can you have a reasonable cheap holiday in the UK? Of course it's staying in a static caravan on the beautiful Welsh coastline. I know many of you that have not been camping for years think that staying in a static caravan is only one step up from slumming it in some awful tent on a dingy camping site. You may have vivid memories of water standpipes, and outside toilets and shower blocks. But let me assure you that staying in a static caravan can be as luxurious as and much cheaper than a nice hotel. Furthermore, a caravan is like staying in a mini apartment which would be outside the affordability for most people when compared to renting a mini apartment in a hotel.

Many caravans now have double glazing and central heating. They all have running water, shower rooms, fully fitted kitchens and comfortable living rooms with TVs, sky dishes and even DVD players. Most caravans have either two or three bedrooms. If you were to rent a three bedroom apartment in a nice hotel it would cost a fortune for just for one week. But the cost of renting a static caravan for a week is very reasonable. So therefore let me assure you that staying in a static caravan is far from slumming it. Oh yes but it's all self catering I hear you say! Yes it is if you want it to be but most caravan holiday parks are now wonderful entertainment centers for the whole family. In fact you may never need to leave the caravan park for the entire stay of your holiday as everything you need for a complete holiday is on site. Children's fun clubs, swimming complexes, pubs clubs, restaurants and beautiful coastlines with many varied beaches and of course the sea. The really cool thing about all this is that you can enjoy all these activities without having to drive or even walk very far to get to them.

For me, one of the best things about staying in a static caravan is that many parks are right on the coast. There are not many reasonably priced hotels that are right next to the coast with beautiful sea views. I do not know of many hotels when you can walk outside your door and be on the beach in less than a minute, but there are numerous caravan parks where this is the case. One of the other things worth mentioning is that caravan parks are very child friendly with plenty of grass areas for children to run and play without fear of road traffic. Furthermore, all the other guests on site will be families as group single-sex bookings are not allowed. Therefore, there will never be groups of lager-louts or laddettes roaming the campsite getting drunk, being sick or making a noise well into the early hours of the morning when your children are trying to sleep. One more thing worth mentioning is that caravans are detached so to speak. Therefore you never have to keep extremely quiet as there are no guests in any room right next door to yours. I can remember many holidays when the children were teenagers sitting in the living room talking chatting watching TV into the early hours of the morning and not having to worry about keeping people awake in the next room.

So there you have it plenty of reasons why the credit crunch does not mean that you cannot have a good holiday. Many years ago when I was a child a caravan holiday by the seaside was a dream holiday. We all have such high expectations now of what we should have for a holiday. Many people think that unless they go abroad it's not really a holiday. Well I think that one good thing about the credit crunch is that it may bring us back to enjoying some of the more simple things in life. The best things in life are free and we have plenty of them. We are an island and we are surrounded by beautiful coastline which is free for all to visit. Just remember that half  the world is starving and we moan about not being able to afford to go abroad for a holiday.

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